Application Process

Students aplying to our school must check all application requirements in detail.
The application period is posted on the school website every year, and those who miss the application deadline are to apply next year. The admissions quota is limited to each school year, so we advise you that successful applicants are first-come-first-served. The admission process is according to the following procedures,

1. Admission Grade

Our school provides education for students from Grades 1~12. We try and consider all factors since applicants come from different countries and have learned different curriculums. Pacific American School's curriculum is based on the American school system, and we determine applicants' entrance grade by considering various factors, such as their grade in previously attended school and their date of birth.

2. Application Process

  • STEP 01

    Submitting Application Documents

    Please download and complete the application form from the download page of this school's website, and send it to the admission office by postal mail. Even if you submit a copy by e-mail, you must also submit the original copy to the admissions office.
    The required document can be found on the Document Download page and all related documents can be downloaded.
    Please submit all prepared documents as original.

  • STEP 02

    Placement Test & Interview

    The applied documents are thoroughly reviewed by the admissions office. Any missing submission or failure to follow this school's admission procedures may be rejected. After the application review, face-to-face or online video interviews will be conducted for the accepted students. Interviews may be conducted with students’ parents as needed. Students who are applying to grades 1-6 are required to take the English proficiency test and those who are applying to grades 7-12 are required to take the English and math proficiency tests.
    Detailed information will be sent to the students individually and they may be charged a certain fee.

  • STEP 03

    Interview (Parent & Student)

    Applicants will receive the results of their application within four weeks of taking the entrance exam. The school will not just assess students' test scores, but will conduct a comprehensive review of interviews and application documents to determine their acceptance. We will forward you the results indicating if you are accepted, rejected, or wait-listed . Those who are accepted will be sent a letter of acceptance and related documents.
    Those on the wait-list will be contacted by the admissions office if there is vacancy.

  • Step 04

    Full/Conditional Admission or Not selected

    Successful registrants will complete and send the forwarded documents. The admission office will check the application based on the submitted documents. Students must send their admission deposit by the designated time limit in order to secure enrollment. If the admission office does not receive a deposit, a wait-listed student will be given a chance to take the spot. Information on tuition payment will be provided to successful candidates who have paid their acceptance deposits.