At PAS, students learn how to maintain the wellness of body through sports. As PAS believes that a healthy mind comes from a healthy body, our school offers a variety of sports programs. Within our extensive list of sports activities, students will be able to find engaging athletic options that suit their interests and needs. Through sports, our students will develop their social, emotional and most importantly, their physical wellness, all of which will be valuable and timeless lessons that will help them to learn more and achieve more.
PAS sports department is specialized with 4 main sports: Tennis, Golf, Basketball, and Soccer.
Tennis and Golf are mandatory curriculum for secondary division (Grade 7 and up)Basketball and Soccer are optional throughout the grades yet having the strong competitive levels and natures, will helps students to learn more about competition and physical wellness.


At PAS, students learn the beauty of harmony through experiencing the music program. PAS believes that giving students dynamic learning environment will encourage them to be participated not only in academic field but also in life long career. Our great music department faculties instruct various programs: choir, orchestra, jazz band, and rock band. Students will develop their artistic emotions and social wellness. Harmonizing with classmates will build a special bond to each other and PAS is certain that our music program will help students to enhance their value.
PAS music department is specialized with 4 main music clubs: Choir, Orchestra, Jazz Band, Rock band.
Student can explore variety of instruments and genres of music as PAS helps students to experience diverse bands and ensembles throughout school years.


PAS offers our students opportunities to explore their passions and interest beyond classrooms through club activities. From intellectual activities such as Model United Nations, Volunteering Associate, to unstressed activities like Movie Club, K-pop dance club, PAS offers diverse extracurricular activities for our students and encourages them to broaden their experiences and interests. With such wide variety of opportunities, our student can enrich their experience at PAS by taking part in collaborative, interdisciplinary, and diverse projects and activities.

Social Activities Science/Computer Entertainment Activities
  • Student Council
  • Model United Nation
  • Community Service Team
  • International Law Explorer
  • Environment Protectors
  • Public Speech Club
  • Debate Team
  • Invention Club
  • Peer Tutoring
  • Business Club
  • Explore The Culture Club
  • Science Club (4-7)
  • Chemistry Club (8-12)
  • Bioscience Club (8-12)
  • Physics Club (8-12)
  • Math Club (Olympiad)
  • Robotics
  • Yearbook Club
  • School Paper Club
  • Video Club (YouTube)
  • Stock Market Club
  • Website Club (Coding)
  • Astronomy Club
  • Baking Club
  • Art Club
  • Theatre Club
  • K-pop Dance Club
  • Cheerleading Club
  • Sculpture Club
  • Cartoon Club
  • Drama Club
  • Fashion Design Club
  • Yoga Club
  • Fitness Club (Workout)
  • Board Game Club
  • Choir
  • Orchestra
  • Jazz Band
  • Rock Band