At a Glance

Chairman's Greetings

"The Pacific American School trains global leaders with virtues of knowledge, morality, and physical wellness."

The world has been through three big revolutions so far and the revolutionaries have taken the lead in changing those times. The world is changing rapidly and we have another big turning point ahead of us. With the development of technology, The Fourth Industrial Revolution brought about a global era. With the new era just around the corner, we have one thing to focus on: education. The basis of revolution is education. Without education, there would be no revolutionaries leading the world and no historical events would have taken place.

Pacific American School trains global leaders who can read the changes in time and guide us through them.Knowledge in textbooks is not enough for our children who will live beyond the 21st century and onto the 22nd century. It is essential that they are capable of connecting knowledge and creating new values beyond each subject area. A person who is able to push oneself and explore new environments has the potential to be an excellent leader with intelligence beyond knowledge.

Since the world has become one global society, the ability to empathize and care for each other has become more important than ever today. Being able to understand each other is essential in the process of sharing knowledge and wisdom. Children unconsciously acquire moral values in the process of interacting with people of various race, religion and culture. As the saying goes, 'A healthy mind in a healthy body'. It is physical health that supports intelligence and virtue. Physical wellness is essential for children's learning and growth. Pacific American School offers healthy education in a clear, natural environment. In the mild weather and clean nature of Fiji, students can thrive in a lively and balanced lifestyle. Children will become globally outstanding individuals by sharing knowledge and culture with people of various nationalities in a beautiful natural environment. The Pacific American School will make every effort to help them make that first step.

Principal's Greetings

"Nurturing global students with righteous personalities"

Welcome to PAS, an international school located in Fiji, where safety and beautiful landscape are guaranteed. Our school offers the following curriculum that specifically aims at nurturing globally outstanding individuals with upright personalities, creative thinking abilities, and international appreciation.

First, strengthen physical education and the arts to foster good character. Second, diversify optional subjects so that students can find what they want to study on their own. Third, improve students' foreign language proficiency and self-directed learning skills so that students can become globally competent. Fourth, strengthen global education to maintain students' global interest in the world.

As such, our school operates upon an education course that is simple and yet diverse. We are also a student-oriented school that provides customized educational opportunities for each student to maximize their potential by providing them various standards and active support to achieve them.

If students are accepted into our school, they will become great leaders in the globalized society based on their flexible and creative thinking abilities, and will further develop to become globally outstanding individuals that serve humanity. I promise that all faculty members of our school will do our best to achieve this. We invite you to our school. Thank you.

  • Vision

    To nurture students to become global citizens and empower
    their mental and physical growth through global learning.

  • Long Term Goal

    To encourage students' intellectual, moral and physical development
    and advise them to achieve academic success.


Pacific American School is accredited by Fiji Education Ministry.

School Board

  • Job Experience
    Hanyoung Foreign Language High School, Korea, Principal
    Ph. D. of Physics Kwangwoon University
    Master of Physical Education Korea University of Education
    Physics Education Seoul National University

Faculty and Staffs

  • 2011
    University of Colorado at Denver: Denver, CO, Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology Studied at University of Cambridge Certificate in English, Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) PASS: August 2012 Taught Environmental Studies, Economics, Academic writing, and English Speaking & Listening Mentored and advised twelve students Developed a new course – Environmental Studies Primary EAL Teacher – Worked with several students in years 2 and 3 individually to improve their reading Secondary Humanities Teacher – Taught history and geography lesson to KS3 (middle school students)
  • 2001-2005
    Received a Golden Key International Honor Roll while attending the University of Saskatchewan
    Studied Eastern Religion and Culture at Mahidol University
    Received the John A. Mayer scholarship while attending school for her masters at Brock University
    Received a certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other languages at CELTA - Cambridge English Language Teaching to Adults
  • 2008-2010
    B.A. in Sociology, UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) Mathematics Teaching Credential, California State University, East Bay
    Taught Algebra at New Haven Unified School District – Logan High School

    Taught Geometry and Pre-algebra to eighth-graders.

    Taught advanced and basic math, chemistry, physics, and language arts to small groups of students aged 8-18.
  • 2004-2007
    Curriculum and Research Assistant in Brandon University
    studied B.Sc. (Honors.) – Psychology in Brandon University
    Received a Global TESOL certificate in Canada
    a teacher and a curriculum Developer
  • Laval University Quebec City, Canada
    Bachelor of Arts in Communication/Public Relations, Studied at Cégep Garneau in Arts & Humanities/Language profit
    Studied at Lavel University Quebec City,Canada, Bachelor of Arts Communication/Public relations
    International TEFL Academy
    TEFL/TESOL Certificate
    Certificate Expected December 2020 ▪ 150 hours of coursework ▪ 30 hours of Teaching English to Young Learners and Teaching Online Specialty Courses ▪ 20 hours of practicum
    Worked as English speaking volunteers to Taiwanese student
    Tutored a non-native student to practice speaking fluency with conversation and grammar exercises
  • Studied Bachelor of Education Primary from Fiji National University
    Taught Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Health Science, Elementary Science, Vernacular to Year 3-4 at Christian Mission Fellowship International Primary School
    Taught Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Health Science, Elementary Science, Vernacular (Hindi) to Years 4-5 at Dr Ram Lakhan Memorial Primary School
    Doing Post Graduate Diploma in Primary Education at Fiji National University
  • Chinese Teacher


  • Golf Teaching Assistant