At a Glance

Chairman's Greetings

"The Pacific American School trains global leaders with virtues of knowledge, morality, and physical wellness."

The world has been through three big revolutions so far and the revolutionaries have taken the lead in changing those times. The world is changing rapidly and we have another big turning point ahead of us. With the development of technology, The Fourth Industrial Revolution brought about a global era. With the new era just around the corner, we have one thing to focus on: education. The basis of revolution is education. Without education, there would be no revolutionaries leading the world and no historical events would have taken place.

Pacific American School trains global leaders who can read the changes in time and guide us through them.Knowledge in textbooks is not enough for our children who will live beyond the 21st century and onto the 22nd century. It is essential that they are capable of connecting knowledge and creating new values beyond each subject area. A person who is able to push oneself and explore new environments has the potential to be an excellent leader with intelligence beyond knowledge.

Since the world has become one global society, the ability to empathize and care for each other has become more important than ever today. Being able to understand each other is essential in the process of sharing knowledge and wisdom. Children unconsciously acquire moral values in the process of interacting with people of various race, religion and culture. As the saying goes, 'A healthy mind in a healthy body'. It is physical health that supports intelligence and virtue. Physical wellness is essential for children's learning and growth. Pacific American School offers healthy education in a clear, natural environment. In the mild weather and clean nature of Fiji, students can thrive in a lively and balanced lifestyle. Children will become globally outstanding individuals by sharing knowledge and culture with people of various nationalities in a beautiful natural environment. The Pacific American School will make every effort to help them make that first step.

Acting Principal
Former Math Teacher:
Queen Victoria School,
University of the South

Mathematics and

Acting Principal’s Greetings

Nurturing global students with
righteous personalities

Welcome to PAS, an international school located in Fiji, where safety and beautiful landscapes are guaranteed. Our school offers the following curriculum that specifically aims at nurturing globally outstanding individuals with upright personalities, creative thinking, and international appreciation.

First, physical education and the arts help to foster good character. Second, diverse, optional subjects allow students to find and develop their own academic interests. Third, serious focus on students' foreign language proficiency and self-directed learning skills can develop global competence. Fourth, a truly global education encourages our students' interest in the world and helps them find their place within it.

As such, our school operates on an educational course that is simple, yet diverse. We are a student-oriented school that provides customized educational opportunities for each student. Our faculty maximizes students’ potential by setting clear standards and actively help students to meet them.

The main purpose of education is the integral development of a person. In addition, it is a source of its obvious benefits for a fuller and better life. Education can contribute to the betterment of society as a whole. It develops a society in which people are aware of their rights and duties.

If students are accepted into our school, they will become great leaders in our globalized society based on their flexible and creative thinking abilities, well prepared to further develop as globally outstanding individuals that serve their communities. I guarantee you that entrusting us with your child’s care is something that you won’t regret. We invite you to our school. Thank you.

  • Vision

    To nurture students to become global citizens and empower
    their mental and physical growth through global learning.

  • Long Term Goal

    To encourage students' intellectual, moral and physical development
    and advise them to achieve academic success.


Pacific American School is accredited by Fiji Education Ministry.

School Board

  • Education
    Bachelor of Education (Secondary) Major in Mathematics from University of the South Pacific in Fiji
    CCNA1 - Introduction to Network
    CCNA2 - Switching Routing Essentials
    CCNA3 - Vlan Routing
    CCNA4 - Graduated
    Worked as a Assistant Teacher for around 17 years at diverse school
    Master of Physical Education Korea University of Education
    Worked as a Acting HOD Mathematics each of a year at WAINIMALA SECONDARY AND BALLANTINE MEMORIAL SCHOOL

Faculty and Staff

  • Education
    Bachelor of Education (Secondary) Major in Mathematics from University of the South Pacific in Fiji
    CCNA1- Introduction to Network
    CCNA2 –Switching Routing Essentials
    CCNA3 – Vlan Routing
    CCNA4- Graduated
    Worked as a Assistant Teacher for around 17 years at diverse school
    Worked as a Acting HOD Mathematics each of a year at WAINIMALA SECONDARY AND BALLANTINE MEMORIAL SCHOOL
  • Education
    Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences , University of Pittsburgh, USA
    Architectural Studies Major, Studio Arts Minor, Digital Media Certificate
    TEFL/TESOL certified English teacher in Korea
    Undergraduate Teaching Assistant at University of Pittsburgh –Architectural Studies Program
    Assistant Project Manager at rand* construction corporation
    Architectural Intern at HHSDR Architects & Engineers
    Intern- Representative Mazie Hirono (D-HI) at U.S House of Representatives
  • Education
    Bachelor of Business Science Major in Finance and Economic Honours From University of Cape Town, South Africa
    Taught English of English Language Program at Princess Noura bint Abdulrahman University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Taught English at Shane English School, Taiwan
    Tutored ECONOMICS 104W at University of Cape Town, South Africa Economics Department
  • Education
    Bachelors of Science Graduate Certificate In Education (Secondary) from The University of The South Pacific Fiji Majors Biology and Chemistry
    Taught Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Health Science, Elementary Science Years 5&6 at T. A. Learning Centre Fiji
    Assisted in Biology and Chemistry Secondary School Battles held at USP
  • Education
    Bachelor of Education Primary from Fiji National University
    Taught Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Health Science, Elementary Science, Vernacular to Year 3-4 at Christian Mission Fellowship International Primary School
    Taught Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Health Science, Elementary Science, Vernacular (Hindi) to Years 4-5 at Dr Ram Lakhan Memorial Primary School
    Doing Post Graduate Diploma in Primary Education at Fiji National University
  • Education
    University of the South Pacific [USP] (MSc (Masters in Science [Physics]).
    University of the South Pacific [USP] (BSCGCE (Bachelor of Science [Mathematics & Physics] with a Graduate Certificate in Education)
    Mathematics & Science Educator (Year 9-Year 13) (Multiple Intelligence School [MIS])
    Part Time Mathematics and Physics Tutor (Year 11, Year 12, Year 13) (Multiple Intelligence School [MIS])
    Online Mathematics Diagnosis Tool (OMDT) Examiner (Faculty of Science Technology and Environment [FSTE])
  • Chinese Teacher
  • Education
    Chinese Language Certificate, Capital Normal University, China
    English Language Teacher at Yat Sen Secondary School
    Scripture Union School Working Group Fiji
    Volunteer for Clean Up campaign during the Coca Cola Games
    HSK (Level 4) Certificate
  • Education
    Zhejiang Normal University
    Masters in Comparative Education (English program)
    World TESOL Academy
    120 Hour TESOL/TEFL Certificate
    ZheJiang Normal University
    Bachelors in Applied Psychology (Chinese program)
    Nanjing Normal University
    English, Science, math and Chinese Teacher Acts 520 Enterprises
    Intermediate mandarin Teacher Yat-Sen Secondary School, Suva.
    ESL Teacher New Century School, Jinhua, China.
  • Golf Teacher
  • Tennis Teacher
  • Public Relation Director
  • Education
    Master of Science Major in Computer Science, NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering, NY , USA